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The neighborhood Coupon Book, is the MOST efficient way, for you spend your advertising dollars. We offer an amazing low cost per exposure, and a proven and stable distibution model. The two elements alone are enough to insure a winning marketing campaign for you. But there is so much more. We offer a one stop approach that is custom tailored to your existing business, to help preserve your corporate identity and extend your brand.

Integrating our campaign with your existing marketing programs will be seamless and completely customized.



Our program features;


Graphic Design:

You may submit your ad, camera ready, or we will create the ad for you using you existing art.
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We deliver 1 milliion exposures, directly to local residents. Your offer will reach a high volume of distribution.
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Printed on high quality, full color glossy stock, your campaign is not easily dismissed. This eye-catching media gets loads of attention from the consumers.
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Customer Aquisition:

If your existing personal cannot handle the anticipated volume that a 1 million piece campaign will generate, we offer a customize phone room solution. 
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About the program

The Neighborhood Coupon Book is the culmination of several proven markeitng techniques. Combining the best of the best, into one comprehensive marketing campaign, and doing all the work for you makes this a no brainer.

Using the buying power of a cooperative program makes this amazing tool, affordable for all.

What we do

We provide a coimplete and comprehensive marketing solution. We provide our skill, expertise, and resources to insure a successfull marketing campaign.

  • Design
  • Distribution
  • Phone Room Solutions

What our clients say

test “I have never seen a more comprehensive and effective campaign. My reponse was so tremendous that my existing staff would have been completely overwhelmed. Instead of missing out, the phone room solution converted every possible in-bound lead!”