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We do not charge a upfront fee for our services. Our services are completly FREE unless we meet our specified guarantee. Most cases can constitute much more than the minimum guarantee. Each consolidation and debt settlement are handled on a case by case basis and results will vary. Credit and all financial information is private between e C.A.R.E. Systems. and its clients and the constituting banks each client is affiliated with. The benefits per client are guaranteed and charges are not rendered if minimum performance from e C.A.R.E. Systems and United Debt  Relief, have not been executed and rendered. Any outstanding grievances and concerns can be sent to clientcare@ecaresystems.org

After services are rendered and provided by e C.A.R.E. Systems a subsidiary of e C.A.R.E. Systems, all clients are notified   of transaction and charges subsequent to services provided by e C.A.R.E. Systems. Client satisfaction is confirmed and recorded  to authorize e C.A.R.E. Systems to charge for all services provided by the counseling and financial advisors at e C.A.R.E. Systems Debt Relief before transaction for those services are finalized and charged by e C.A.R.E. Systems.

At e C.A.R.E. Systems We Provide

What we can do for you…
For a lot of people, credit is both misunderstood and misused.

Some people live to the limit of their paychecks. Then, they use their credit card as if it were an increase in salary rather than an increase in Debt. Many people actually believe that credit gives them extra spending money. At e C.A.R.E. Systems we provide our clients with extensive knowledge about topics from interest rate reduction, mortgage information, types of credit and much more.

Why is Our Help Real?

Where do most people go for debt help? Most people try credit repair companies, debt consolidation, debt management, or bankruptcy. Companies claiming quick, pain free fixes are really services that can cause more harm than good. These services almost never help solve the true debt management problem. We provide true debt help focusing on the real problem - you.

Our Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that we will save you thousands of dollars or our services are COMPLETELY FREE!!. Please contact our office for more details regarding our guarantee. Our team of experts can show you how to overcome any of your obstacles to financial success.