How do I increase my credit score?

Make your payment on time Even if you can only make the minimum payment, it is better to pay it on time than to send 3 times the payment late! Hint: If the payment comes at a bad time of the month-change the due date! Example: the payment is due of the 2nd of the month but your check doesn’t come until the 3rd. The due date for your credit card payment can be moved to say, the 10th or 15th of the month. Saving not only $30- $40 a month in late fees, but drastically increasing your credit score.

Don’t go over the limit Stay within your credit limit! If needed - contact the company for an increase in your limit. Many times they can do this based on your credit history with them, without pulling a credit report – ask them. However, DO NOT let them pull your credit report. Contrary to what you are told – too many inquires WILL LOWER YOUR CREDIT SCORE! (Credit card companies already pull your report a minimum of annually, usually quarterly.)

Do not exceed 40% OF YOUR CREDIT LIMIT on any card – preferably do not exceed 30% of your limit. I know it’s crazy, they give you the limit then if you use it they say “oops he must be in trouble – so raise his interest”. This plays a big role in your credit score – Credit Line VS Available Credit.

Pay extra whenever possible – Even if its only $5 or $10 extra, or only once every few months – this shows good faith on your part and your would be shocked at the amount of interest it will save.

Every credit account effects the rate of interest you pay- Even if only 1 out of 5 credit card payments have been late, late payments on your credit report effects the amount of interest you now pay on everything your purchase, i.e. home, car, boat, even your insurance rates on your homeowners and auto! A low credit score can increase your annual insurance premium on your car by hundreds of dollars!!!!

Enough is enough- too many credit cards will lower your score. Eliminate unnecessary cards: i.e. department store cards, gas cards, etc. These typically have high interest rates and any Visa, MC or Discover can be used to make the same purchase. (Always, use the one with the lowest interest rate.)

Cash advances are a no- no – These are the highest rates, often as much as 34.9 %

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